Our program covers students from the 6th grade through 12th grade, but we have different programs and events for middle school and high school students. Whether you’re looking for a place to serve, a place to learn, or a place to build relationships, we want you to be able to find that place here.

Weekly Events

Sunday Mornings @ 9:45

6th Graders: Confirmation
Our Confirmation class is an opportunity for our students to learn about the person of Jesus, the mission he left for us, and the history of our faith.  Each lesson in the study is taught by a different member of our congregation.  After the lesson, the confirmands have an opportunity to talk and pray with their Confirmation Mentor.  Our Confirmation Mentors are men and women who have volunteered to pray for these students, and walk with them through this faith journey!
The Confirmation Class meets in the Youth Room across from the Gym on Sunday Mornings at 9:45.

7th and 8th Grade
Our 7th and 8th graders meet in the NET Room underneath the Sanctuary at 9:45.  Here they get a quick breakdown of announcements before heading up to the Fellowship Hall.  They go through lesson series that last 3 to 5 weeks, then they may have a service week, or activity week before starting a new series.

High School
Our High School students meet in the NET room underneath the Sanctuary at 9:45.  After announcements, students can choose to attend one of two different studies.  The first option is a topical study that lasts about 4 weeks, and then we pick up a new topic.  The topics are very broad, and are meant to get students thinking about their faith in many different ways.
The second option is an in-depth book study.  Students are slowly led through a single book of the bible over several weeks.  This option is for students who are looking to really dig in to the bible!

Sunday Nights
Our High School students meet on Sunday Night at 6:00pm after youth choir.  We usually head over to Salsarita’s for dinner, and we may talk about event ideas, or we might just talk stuff that’s been going on over the week and laugh with each other.

Wednesday Nights
During the School Year
We pick up students from Gresham Middle School at 3:30 and bring them back to the church for a quick snack and devotion.  After that, students can work on homework, play four-square, hang out in our game room, or help set up for our Wednesday Night Youth Group.
Youth Group starts at 6:30 in Old Fellowship Hall.  We have a time of worship, games, a lesson, and we usually finish it off with 15 to 20 minutes of small group time at the end.  Our small groups are broken down by grade level and gender, and are led by volunteers or youth staff.  You never know what we might do on Wednesday nights.  We might duct tape a few students to the wall, fling rubber chickens at each other, or engage in terrible lip-synch battles … to the death (or almost).

Wednesday Timeline:
3:30 – Middle School snack and devotion
4:00 – Homework/Hangout Time
5:30 – Dinner in the Gym ($6.00/person)
6:30 – Youth Group until 7:45

During the Summer
Ever been on a slip and slide with 300 gallons of jello?  How about been in a paint war with 40 people?  Have you ever been in a water balloon fight when someone pulls out a 500 gallon fire truck?
We have.  You should too. Our Wednesday night options during the summer are definitely something different, and always crazy fun.

Regular Events

Under the Bridge
On the last Wednesday of each month, our high school students have the option of going “Under the Bridge” with Lost Sheep Ministries.  Students who chose to volunteer will have the opportunity to offer food and clothing to some of Knoxville’s homeless population.  Students meet at 6:00pm next to the gym, and return by 8:00pm.  It’s an amazing opportunity to serve those in need in our community.

Operation Backyard
A few times a year, we get as many of our students together as we can and we go build wheelchair ramps for those in need with Operation Backyard and the Knoxville Leadership Foundation.  Each ramp usually takes a couple of days to build, and anyone can help out!

Every January we attend Resurrection.  Resurrection is a gathering of over 10,000 students in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  There’s always a rocking band, great speakers, and lots of opportunities to hang out with friends.  Most importantly, Resurrection challenges you to look at where you are in your faith, and pushes you to move forward!

Summer Mission Trip
Build trails in the woods for a children’s home, help with inner-city day camp programs, paint a Habitat for  Humanity ReStore, play with kids at a Boy’s and Girl’s club, learn about helping people in third world countries … and then go there.
Each summer, we venture to a place where there are needs, and we try to fill them.